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Tuesday, October 10, 2000

BB Top

The official Dutch Big Brother 2 site.

Thursday, October 05, 2000

The Stone | An Internet Mystery Game

The Stone is your key to a world where the puzzles are alive and players gather their secrets...
TrekAmerica:- Adventure Camping and Active Tours in Small Groups in North America - Alaska, Canada, USA and Mexico

Now in their 29th year, TrekAmerica has always specialised in offering the best in adventure travel that North America has to offer.
Travelling in small groups, more like a bunch of friends and family. Making the most of each and every day, and creating those memorable experiences that last a lifetime.
The true spirit of travel and adventure...
VUGEO - Faculteit der Aardwetenschappen/Faculty of Earth Sciences

The homepage of the Department of Earth Sciences from the Free University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).
Rocky Mountain High 2000

On this cool webpage you will be informed about the TrekAmerica Rocky Mountain High tour, which took place from August 5th to August 25th, 2000. We travelled from Seattle to Los Angeles. We visited many National Parks, like Yellowstone, Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon and Bryce. You'll also find a huge picture gallery!